Solar Power

Benefits of Adding Solar

Solar power is clean energy, produced locally.  Not from a polluting coal or gas power plant hundreds of miles away.  Residential solar pays for itself in ~13 years while the solar panels will continue producing for over 40 years.   When paired with batteries, solar allows you to operate your home when the electric grid is down.  When paired with an electric vehicle (EV), allows you to power your ride with your electricity.

What does it cost?

In 2022, systems ranged in cost from $15,000 – $50,000 (before rebates and tax credit).  Generally speaking, the smaller and more efficient your home, the smaller the system you’ll need.  Here’s sample pricing for an average sized house with an average sized system:

Home size: 2,200 square feet

System size: 6.82 kW (22 panels)

Electricity offset: 120%

Total cost: $23,461

Federal tax credit: $7,038 

Mountain Parks Electric rebate: $500

Cost after rebates + tax credit: $15,923

Estimated annual electricity bill savings: $1,200

Payback period: 13 years

If electricity rates go up, the payback period is shorter. 

For businesses, the payback period is typically shorter.

Home Car Charging

Never go to the gas station again.  Home EV chargers and installation are eligible for rebates up to $500 from Mountain Parks Electric and a federal tax credit.

Home Energy Storage

Want to keep the lights on if the power goes out?  Congress passed a 30% tax credit for home battery back-up systems.