Small Business Energy Assessments

How it Works?

Sustainable Grand is a member of Energy Smart Colorado, which helps implement a USDA grant for rural small businesses to get 75% of the costs covered for an energy assessment. 

When you sign up for a small business energy assessment through Energy Smart Colorado, our local team of energy experts will receive the request and contact you for scheduling.  

Questions?  Call us at ‪(720) 310-5752‬

What's the Cost?

Fortunately, with the help of the USDA grant and Energy Smart Colorado, the cost to the business is only 25% of the total audit cost.  This discount is provided at the time of the audit. 

Typical costs below, based on building size. 

What is a Business Energy Assessment? 

It is a professional assessment of how well your building performs according to current standards for energy efficiency.  The vast majority of older buildings will fall short of today’s best practices, enabling the assessor to make targeted recommendations for improvements.

The time the audit takes will depend on the building size and complexity, but they typically consist of the following steps:

The energy assessor will also review your utility bills for the past year to gain a thorough understanding of your energy consumption. Once all of the steps of the audit are complete, the assessor will employ specialized software to analyze the energy performance of your business.  You will receive a custom report that provides you with the information you need to make decisions about your energy improvement options.

Why Should I Get an Energy Assessment?

The main benefit of an energy audit is the knowledge of your business' efficiency and what you can do to improve.

After the energy audit, you will basically have a road map for how to reduce your business energy usage. The next steps are up to you based on the issues you want to address, your budget, and your goals. Once any and all upgrades are complete, you can enjoy benefits such as: